Our butters are intended to heal, nourish, and revitalize your skin symptoms that cause Eczema, Acne, Premature Aging, Dry Cracking, and Environmental Free Radicals.

Last season I had a post discussion @TouchedbyBodyButter on Facebook about the causes of Eczema. Just to do a quick double back on the information, Eczema is Atopic Dermatitis and can be caused by just about anything. You want to hear a list, well here it goes.....




Genetics (runs in the family)

Abnormal function of the Immune System

Environment (Free radicals, pollution, dry air, smog etc)

Activities that may cause skin to be more sensitive (Swimming a lot)

Defect in the skin barrier that allows moisture out and germs in

Water composition (HOW HARD IS THE WATER HERE!)




This combination of Natural Butters and Oils are proven to enhance the look and dexterity of your skin!


Shea Butter; great for all skin types, has extensive anti-inflammatory properties, seals in moisture, and also has been know to have anti-aging properties


Mango Butter; great for all skin types, non-comedogenic (will not clog pores or aggravate acne-prone skin) highly moisturizing and full of fatty acid as well as anti oxidants


Cocoa Butter; great for all skin types, improves the blood flow to the skin and slow aging by protecting against damage, improve elasticity, smooth scars, wrinkles, and marks on the skin


Kokum Butter; great for all skin types, most beneficial for damaged skin that needs TLC! (STOP SCRATCHING)





Aloe Oil; great for all skin types, it’s the great healer (EVERYONE KNOWS THIS)


Almond Oil; great for all skin types, is believed to have anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting benefits


Avocado Oil; great for all skin types; benefits are regenerative, protecting, anti-inflammatory properties


Coconut Oil; great for most skin types; has antimicrobial benefits and highly moisturizing


Grapeseed Oil; great for all skin types; is an excellent anti inflammatory (6000 YEARS IN THE ECZEMA GAME)


Jojoba Oil; great for all skin types; nourishes and protects the skin, anti-aging, slows the appearance of wrinkles, helps to prevent growth of bacteria, soothes sunburn, and similar to human sebum


Raspberry Oil; great for all skin types; Absorbs UV RAYS, anti-inflammatory, reduces trans-epidermal water loss (HELP KEEP THE SKIN MOISTURIZED), and repairs skin damage!!!


Tamanu Oil; great for all skin types; great for wound healing and skin rejuvenation, prevents tumor growth in cancer patients, fights against damage from free radicals


Vitamin E T-50 Tocopherol (from plants); great for all skin types; healing properties