The Creator of Touched by Body Butter

Touched By Body Butter, also known as TBB, was birthed out of frustration. Having struggled with acne, and eczema most of my life I was finding it increasingly more difficult to find the perfect balance. I was seeking to moisturize, exfoliate, and heal scarring that the aforementioned skin conditions may cause; but to no avail. When I say I tried everything, I mean everything, well, almost everything, with the exception of the death pill, all acne sufferers know the one, it kills all your sebaceous glands…can’t have kids for five years. They give you a book of all the defects it causes….So, I thought to myself, sighing, there has got to be a better way!

The desire for all things health and beauty lead me to continue my education, thus Esthetics. I learned a lot; skin types, conditions, PH levels, and yes, we learn how to make homemade products as well! Thank you, Georgia Career Institute! It was there that I was able to expand my knowledge base and get down to true causes and solutions to the things that ail the human skin. Special shout out to Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Nancy, you are the best! I know you thought I wasn’t paying attention, but I was! LOL
As life would have it, I relocated from Georgia to Ohio, my birthplace, for love. That in and of itself was a double-edged sword! Have you ever heard of the term hard water? Needless to say, my skin began suffering almost immediately. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired! The cycle of trying different products, only for them to be a temporary solution to, what seemingly, was a very permanent problem.

And so the academic in me began to research. After tons of research, education, and life experience with skin related issues, the incubation period of development began. In my research, odd as is sounds, I came to realize that both acne and eczema share some of the same symptomology (ex. Stripping the skin of its natural oils). I began to look up natural ingredients to help increase my skins health. In doing so I found ingredients that will not only address the issues over time, conversely, they will not cause any further problems in the process.

With the knowledge, many trials and errors, I gave birth to the era known as the Touched by Body Butter Signature Collection! And I am the proud owner, operation, scientist, and product developer!

My product line is just beginning, and I am excited to share what I learned and create with you!

Michelle The Minx Atl
Certified Esthetician and Beauty Consultant